Phone Helpline Customer Care

Having a strong team of customer care providers is a plus for any organization. The way you handle the needs of your clients determines how long you can hold on to them before they move on to other service providers. Improving your services will go a long way in keeping your clientele more satisfied. To increase your customer base, you need to recruit a team of qualified representatives. These are individuals who will answer all the questions that your clients have, provide solutions and give directions. The following are some of the most crucial characteristics of a good customer service representative:

Emotional Intelligence

The customer service representative needs to show sincere empathy when they are dealing with frustrated customers. Most clients call to air their dissatisfaction, and they will most likely empty all their frustrations on the company representative responding to their queries. This implies that the representative needs to show strong character in trying to let the customer know that the company understands their frustration.

Good Communication Skills

The ability to communicate well with people from all walks of life is an indispensable aspect. As a customer care representative, you need to first exercise good listening skills before you respond to a client. Getting to understand where the problem lies will help you provide the most accurate answers. You also need to select your words carefully to avoid statements that appear insulting to some people. It’s good to avoid ambiguous words that might be taken wrongly. The other aspect of communication is trying to simplify long statements into shorter ones. Avoid explanations that are too long or detailed because they might frustrate the client further.


Problem Solving Skills

Being a good problem solver will help a company representative assist clients in simpler ways. In some instances, customer service representatives face questions that are new to them. You might not have all the answers structured, but with problem solving skills you can become creative. The most important thing should be preventing a problem from escalating. A good representative is able to anticipate issues before they occur.


Use of Appropriate Strategies

It’s important to have well set strategies in every job. You need to follow every issue to detail by first getting to the root of a problem. Once you have identified the problem, provide viable solutions that will help the client move on from the present situation. If it’s not possible to give straight answers, let the customer know that you are working on the issue. Follow up on the issue until the customer is satisfied.


Offer Sincere and Honest Answers

A customer service representative should be aware that every answer they provide has a serious impact. The way the representative responds impacts on the client’s welfare and the reputation of the company they are working for. Providing honest solutions is, therefore, vital because a satisfied client will want to return for more services. There should be equality in trying to solve the needs of every caller. Do not ignore or discriminate some clients based on gender, race or age.

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